Learning Not To Compare

3 thoughts on “Learning Not To Compare”

  1. You are a very good writer. The former WP Daily guy is also a good writer, but he burnt himself out. Cautionary tale although you are not on the same path.
    Next step could be to broaden your experiences and step outside the WP ameba. A little more travel (outside the USA) could be the elixir for that.
    Consider a Melvillian novel in a tech setting satirically based on Moby Dick.
    Or something else….

  2. Like Mike said, you’re a good writer.

    The work you and Jeff are doing over at WP Tavern is fantastic and has really, really revitalized the site.

    On top of that, having multiples voices helps to give the site variety (which obviously you and Jeff are the ones doing that).

    Writing is one of those things that’s all about the journey (as cliche as that sounds) rather than the destination, and you’re already much further down that road – and doing a good job – than many.

    Keep it up :).

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